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[detail level 12]
oStagesStages of test execution
|oBIOS[Ordering 50] BIOS flash and query stage
|oFirmware[Ordering 100] Firmware flash and query stage
|oLauncherDefaults[Ordering 490] Allow a user to set default values for a specific launcher
|oMiddlewareBuild[Ordering 400] Stage for building middleware such as MPI
|oMiddlewareGet[Ordering 300] Stage for getting middleware source code
|oMTTDefaults[Ordering 0] Set MTT defaults for this test definition
|oProfile[Ordering 210] Stage for profiling the system upon which the tests will be conducted
|oProvision[Ordering 200] Provisioning stage
|oReporter[Ordering 600] Report tests results stage
|oTestBuild[Ordering 475] Build test software package
|oTestGet[Ordering 450] Get test software package
|\TestRun[Ordering 500] Run test software package
oToolsPlugins required by Stages
|oBuildBuild tools for test content
|oCNCComand and control tools for system managment
|oExecutorExecutor of test description
|oFetchTools for fetching tests
|oHarasserHarasser tools for test content
|oLauncherTools for launching HPC jobs
|\VersionTools that collect version information
\UtilitiesPlugins used by the MTT framework