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[Ordering 0] Set MTT defaults for this test definition More...

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[Ordering 0] Set MTT defaults for this test definition


Store any provided default MTT settings

trialUse when testing your MTT client setup; results that are generated and submitted to the database are marked as "trials" and are not included in normal reporting.
scratchdirSpecify the DIRECTORY under which scratch files are to be stored
descriptionProvide a brief title/description to be included in the log for this test
platformName of the system under test
organizationName of the organization running the test
merge_stdout_stderrMerge stdout and stderr into one output stream
stdout_save_linesNumber of lines of stdout to save (-1 for unlimited)
stderr_save_linesNumber of lines of stderr to save (-1 for unlimited)
executorStrategy to use: combinatorial or sequential executor
timeRecord how long it takes to run each individual test